Check out this scenario...

You're online on Whatsapp, your lover is also online.

You want to chat with him or her but you can't think of any interesting thing to talk about.

Have you experienced this?

Once in a while, we run out of topics to discuss with our significant other, that's fine.

Really, it's fine.

It doesn't mean the love between you two is fading.

However, the problem of having thoughts on whether the love is still strong or not, would arise when you keep trying to force conversations by talking about the usual everyday talk.

How do you feel after having such forced chats?

Down, right? You feel like the relationship is getting cold.

The best thing to do on such days is to play games.

In fact, you should play games very often with your partner, not just on days when you feel like you're running out of interesting topics to discuss.


"The couple that plays together, stays together."

GamesForLovers is a blog dedicated to making you Whatsapp conversation interesting, always!

Here you'll get Puzzles, Truth and Dare games to play with your lover on Whatsapp.

So go ahead and subscribe to this blog to get new games delivered to your email.

It's free.

Happy chatting! ;)

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